“Science explains How; only God can explain Why.”

Science tells us the “How’s” of nature, but we still don’t know the “Why’s”.

Science explains how there is rain, how babies are conceived….. But have we thought about why it happens the way it happens? Like why do sperm and eggs come together and a human is conceived? Coincidences perhaps? But too many coincidences don’t a coincidence make…

We hear of miracles. We know the explanation behind the science. But perhaps this is the logic behind why there really is a creator.

Science will continue to answer the “How’s” that will lead us to many more “Why’s”.

Which leads us to another question of who created the creator who created nature? And who created the created the creator who created the creator who created nature…..

Logically speaking, does that explain why a superior being exists? There are too many coincidences in nature to believe otherwise?

Note: Creator seems like a better description coz humans have used religion to bastardise what God is.

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