“Religion is a conscience”

Religion is a conscience.

Most religions are the same….. It teaches good values and morals…. unless humans take it out of context for their own benefit.

Do we need to go to a religious place to have a conscience? Have we not seen an all so religious person causing harm and pain?

Is the messege in the bible or the Quran or the Buddhist scriptures? Aren’t these written by humans? How do we know if these are accurate? Have we humans bastardised religion for our selfish benefit?

Why do we choose to follow blind faith when we can follow our conscience?

Why should we believe the bible or the Quran or the holy scripts for that matter… how do we know who wrote them and what they intended? How do we know history as it is?

How do we know if Jesus or Allah or Buddha exists? Maybe they do exists… but what do we know about them? Hiw do we know the bible is an accurate account?

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