“The battle is not fought by the military…”

Our true soldiers are the ones that glue the community, not the ones on the battle field…

Why do we glorify war veterans but do so little to hail those who are the fabric of our society? Why do we have war heroes and no community service heroes?

True war veterans are our parents, grandparents, doctors, teachers, scientists, philosophers, musicians, artistes, dancers, comedians, sportsmen, musicians….

We are all one against fighting wars on global warming, pandemics, illnesses, accidents, natural disasters, poverty, hunger, disabilities…

Why is a war with an enemy even necessary when we have so many other wars to fight? Why do we even start a war when we have not won the wars against humanity? Shouldn’t traditional war veterans who have fought military wars be looked upon with disdain instead?

Maybe it’s time our soldiers relook their tasks, tools and training….

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