“Why should money be in limited supply?”

Why should money be finite? Is is not just a tool to make the world work?

Instead of relying on barter trade we now rely on a means of exchange called money? Is it not that money is limitless, backed by the essential goods and services that we exchange for money?

Why should it be backed by a gold standard? What use is gold and money anyways if people dont acknowledge its value? Why should gold be any better than money? Why should money or gold even be better than nature that provides everything including food?

Perhaps its time we realise that money is just a means of exchange to enable the world to function in a meaningful manner where money just goes round. What is the problem with having more money in the system so it facilitates a dignified living for everyone?

Except if money was hoarded or used for nefarious purposes?

The Case for a Crypto Currency

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