“Jobs that add value to Humanity.”

It is not the lawyers and bankers that add value to society. They merely proffer a trade that packages paper to earn more paper. They do little to serve humanity other than some paper pushing that serve to enrich the rich and exonerate them.

Think about who adds value to your life… it is the builders, the manufacturers, the garbage collector, the cleaners, the chefs, the logistics people, the people on the frontlines, the people behind the manufacturing lines….

Perhaps it’s time we wake up to the reality of who the people who really add value to humanity are…. perhaps it’s time to rethink how we remunerate lawyers vs cleaners, bankers vs builders, delivery drivers vs paper pushers….

Next time you pick up that bar of soap or that pair of shoes. Think about how many hands went into making that soap, packaging it and delivering it to your nearest supermarket where the staff at the supermarket serves you. These are the unsung heroes of humanity for which we cannot live without and for whom, we owe a better living to.

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