“Positivity is a trap…”

Never believe the motivational speakers who say you can make that 1 million dollars…. or that you will be the number one sportsman… or be the best sales person…. the only one motivated is the speaker.

If everybody who went for that talk went for a competition believing and motivating themselves that they would be the winner or top sales person, then who would be the top sales person since there will be no losers?

If the speaker is so capable of doing anything, then why doesn’t he just do what he preaches and go make himself some money instead of taking your money to preach to tell you that you can do anything when he can do it himself?

4 thoughts on ““Positivity is a trap…”

    1. By being positive, we are just deluding ourselves into believing that what is not good is actually good. Why not be vulnerable? Why not say it as it is? Why pretend that we are happy when we are not? For some, certain things matter more to them than others! So what may seem positive to you may actually not matter as much…

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