The Journey Starts Here….

A schizophrenic questions life…

Do we know everything? Or do we know nothing? Or perhaps truth may not be what it seems?

After many near death experiences as well as spiritual and supernatural encounters, from the deepest abyss, Me woke up one day with an epiphany. It seemed as if wisdom was downloaded into Me’s conscious programming; giving Me a whole new perspective and outlook on life.

This blog is the result of the visions and thoughts that infiltrate Me’s consciousness. One that was perhaps too profound to be written by Me, but perhaps the word of the superior beings.

What is life?

This site looks at a utopian economy, a central world committee or government, cryptocurrency as the main trading currency, what schools should do to bring out the genius in every child, universal basic income (UBI) as a win win for all…

Plus a blog that attempts to answer the questions of life.

Questions lead us to the truth….