“Hidden Agendas Laced with Hypocrisy is Unforgivable”

Hidden agendas laced with hypocrisy is a character trait that should never be tolerated. If people are sincere, why would they hide their intentions? If their intentions are not good, why would they hide it? And if their intentions are good, why do they need to coat it with sugar? Perhaps the rude and the […]

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“Positivity is a trap…”

Never believe the motivational speakers who say you can make that 1 million dollars…. or that you will be the number one sportsman… or be the best sales person…. the only one motivated is the speaker. If everybody who went for that talk went for a competition believing and motivating themselves that they would be […]

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“Why ambition is a sin”

Having ambition will lead one into greed for more power, fame and/or fortune. So is ambition good for the world? Why dont we just aim to be the best that we can be? Why dont we aspire to be the best person we can be based on our integrity, values and principles? Why cant we […]

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