“Money only buys temporal happiness.”

We could be happy with that new pair of shoes or with that new watch. We could buy over our mates with a few gifts or a free meal. But is that happiness? Would we be happier if someone spent time with us not because of our money but because they love us? Would we […]

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“The truth sets us free.”

Think about it. If you tell one lie, you would have to tell another lie to cover that lie. Then you would have to tell another lie to cover that lie which you used to cover the first lie…. then you would have to tell another…. and another and another… And if we decide not […]

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“Money creates greed.”

Money creates a hoarding mentality. As greedy as we can be, there is only so much we can stomach in one sitting. So whilst we can hoard money, we can’t hoard food. Food is a perishable and would be spoilt if we do not consume it within a couple of days. If there was no […]

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