Add value to ourselves by adding value to others

When we add value to others, not only do we help them, it also helps us feel good about ourselves and feel valued by others. So why not do ourselves a favour so that we can all be better?

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“Question common sense”

Why is common sense so highly regarded? What is common sense? What is common sense to one may not make sense to another. So why dont we ever question common sense? Why dont we try to get to the root of why we think common sense is common? Perhaps common knowledge may not be the […]

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“Is Loyalty Redundant?”

Blind loyalty means doing anything for those we are loyal to even if it violates principles, hurt or harm others, or defies our integrity. So perhaps loyalty means not doing any harm or hurt to those we are loyal to? But then, does that mean we could harm or hurt others? So why is loyalty […]

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