Imaginary Manifesto for the Little Red Dot


We are Humanitarians.

Politics is just that. Politics. A false facade.We are not politicians, we are humanitarians. Humanity is our goal. And we aim to contribute to humanity with humility, justice and integrity.

The world is heading in the wrong direction with dogged capitalism. It’s not just Singapore, but a systemic problem brought about by selfish capitalism. Singapore must remain relevant to the world at large as we are a small economy albeit with a very good system established by our fore fathers. What worked in yesteryears may not necessarily work today, and we should embrace new technologies and new ideas to bring us forward.

The question is how can we leverage that? If we cannot address today’s concerns, how can we address the future? The current govt should embrace a new perspective, and we are here to provide that alternative view into a paradigm shift of ideas, thoughts and values.

We want to work with all the parties elected by the people to bring this manifesto to life. Perhaps, each party with a different portfolio. And with the parties in the government, we will work with the people and for the people to bring us forward.

Values: Inclusiveness. We believe in an inclusive society. Everyone from LGBTs, the disabled to children and ageing adults to homeless, are humans and are important for our society. They need to be treated with dignity and respect. 

Service: We believe that we are here not as politicians but as partners to humanity to provide a sincere service, with no egos, so as to solve problems for the long term. We hope we can advance ourselves and be relevant to the world at large. 

Openess: We believe in dialogue, in the peoples voice. Because everyone of us are citizens of the world, we have a voice and we can make it heard through social media channels, through walkabouts, through informal and formal gatherings. Not because we want a populist vote, but because we believe everyone and anyone can make a difference. We want to be transparent so that your suggestions and vote counts. But we also want to make tough decisions for the good of all. And such decisions must be guided by a sound and logical rationale.

Principles: We believe everything must be guided by principles. There is the rule of the law, but ultimately decisions should be guided by principles, not laws, because principles are universal truths that are accepted across cultures. Laws are man made and serve a jurisdiction which may not be fair.

Integrity: We want to take the moral high ground so that we can be trusted and others will trust us to do what is right, in the right way.

Peace: We believe in diplomacy. In being a bridge across cultures, geographies and differences in opinions. We hope to take that a step further and work with everyone to help bring peace as far as anyone would allow us to.

Transparency: We believe in a purpose, with servitude from the heart. No false pretences and no false facades. We want to say it as it is, whether good or bad, and we endeavour to be the purveyors of truths, bearers of transparency.

Coorperation: We believe in collusion and not collision. By working together, we can only do better. Singapore is a small country that poses no economic or security threat to any other country in the world. We can leverage on that to be better for us and for our counterparts in this world.

Singapore’s Future
Policy based on Singapore’s strength or weakness, depends on how you see it and use it. As a country that has no resources and is no military or economic threat to any other country in the world, but has a diverse and multicultural population mix, we must stay relevant to the entire world.

Mediation Centre. We aim to try to establish Singapore as an arbitration and mediation centre by providing solutions to governments and companies all over the world, acting as a neutral but fair and just arbitrator who does not make judgement but leaves the parties to agree based on workable solutions to be suggested by the arbitration team. Do that with a heart and gather the best people. Jobs will be created in all sectors. Just because we are neutral and we will uphold integrity. And we must set an example locally, so that we can be an example for all.

Cryptocurrency. We aim to try to establish a cryptocurrency that could be used for trade around the world. Ensuring integrity and fairness in the system so that the cryptocurrency will not be traded for ill gains, but its value held strong and protected based on a basket of essential goods in every country. We will work towards a cashless society in singapore. Just because we are neutral and we will uphold integrity.

Universal Basic Income and Savings Tax. Savings tax instead of GST to encourage spending, because when money is spent, jobs are created. So a savings tax will incentivise spending of money to create meaningful jobs that add value to peoples lives. Such monies will be used, if possible to fund a universal basic income so that every citizen, from the time of birth till death, can have a dignified existence for a home and food. Everyone and anyone can supplement the universal basic income with a job so that they can better afford the luxuries they want. And those who do not need that universal basic income are encouraged to donate it to a fund Happy to Help. After all, money is infinite and it is how we use it responsibly that matters, and how we are relevant and of value to the community and world at large.

Education. Education will slowly be changed to prepare our next generation for a new world where many jobs will be taken over by automation and artificial intelligence. Creativity, critical thinking and moral values will be emphasized above academics. And kids will be encouraged to pursue their own innate talents because we just cannot teach a fish how to climb a tree, and every child is different and should not be expected to excel only in math and science.

Business. Entrepreneurs will be encouraged to start their own so that Singapore can be a test bed for all entrepreneurs from all over the world. Singapore being a small country with an efficient system would be able to provide the test bedding required. And if budgets allow, perhaps from Happy to Help, we would help entrepreneurs not only by way of funding, but by providing the support assistance required for a new company to be set up, including the opportunity to test the products or services.

Citizen participation. Every citizen will be given a voice. Major issues/policies that affect citizens will be thought through and a possible or possible solutions will be provided to everyone for their inputs, feedback and votes with a reason. A decision will be made based on the quality and relevance of these inputs as well as the public vote. However, where time is an essence, a limited time frame will be given for the public to provide their feedback. Every one can participate in determining their lives, but it will not be mandatory for anyone, and anyone who wishes to participate will have to adhere to timelines.

Public Feedback. A feedback channel will also be available for citizens and visitors to voice their thoughts on current issues or provide solutions to the government because we believe inclusiveness is the only way to go, and as a party with a few members, we also have limited capacity and limited ideas, hence tapping on the larger population would ensure everyone gets a chance to share their ideas and thoughts. The public may also comment or vote on such feedback or solutions so that we will be better able to understand the problems on the ground. We will also find a way to reward those who provide workable suggestions and feedback. 

Essential workers. We will endeavour to our essential workers like nurses and doctors, cleaners and delivery drivers, hawkers and cooks, a more equitable salary because they are the backbone of our nation and without them, the country will not be able to function. And with the increased pay, we hope more singaporeans can join the ranks of essential workers, for they should be the pride of our country and for any country, for that matter. Perhaps national service should be for everyone, both men and women, in essential work like cleaners, grass cutters…. wouldn’t that be more productive and peaceful?

Efficiency and Technology. We will not aim to be the best or biggest or the first, but we want to continue to innovate and ensure that we remain an efficient society that cuts through red tape, with a technologically advanced system so that most major transactions for our everyday lives can be made online at our fingertips. And we should help the older folks bridge this technological gap, either through assistance or physical help.

Nature. We want a green Singapore, but we also want to ensure that we can have a safety net of food supply and provide a source of food for the diverse fauna that we have. So over the coming years and decades, we will endeavour to replace our trees and shrubs with that of edible vegetation and fruit trees. We will also encourage households and entrepreneurs to create their own little farms, whether within their own homes or at common areas like walkways, grass patches or even car parks. And perhaps even animals… so that the birds and bees that are here with us can enjoy it together with us, instead of infesting our coffee shops and hawker centres. And better yet, farm animals roaming our parks… certainly a backup for food sustainability…

Transportation. For public transportation,  although we cannot guarantee 0 breakdowns, we believe that most of the company’s resources should go towards ensuring safety and efficiency of the system. The company should be a non-profit so that profitability will not be a consideration for any of the company’s efforts.

Health. Nobody should be denied of healthy living and treatment when they are not well. Every effort will be made to ensure that everyone gets proper care. Basic healthcare should be free for all citizens and nobody denied healthcare just because of their status. A holistic and natural healthcare option could also be established to complement the existing practices.

Judicial system. One that is fair regardless of individual standing, wealth or position. One that is based on principles and integrity rather than blind rule of laws which could potentially punish a desperate man who steals milk powder for his baby, but allows a well connected elite to get away with almost everything else. And one that supports a social policing system. Laws should be relooked so that they are relevant to today’s society and protect the defenseless. Like should fines be imposed or corrective action? Or perhaps fines based on a persons wealth? Coz a 300 dollar fine is a lot to some, but nothing to others. And are drug offenders more deadly than murderers or rapist? After all, ones consumption of drugs does not make him a criminal if he cheats nobody and hurts nobody.

Foreign workers and foreign talents. We need both, but we have to ensure that singaporeans come first and that singaporeans are paid a decent wage so they will not have to compete with foreigners whose cost of living is much lower in their home countries.

Housing. Public housing will be made for all. Even if construction costs increase because of increased labour cost, we will keep land cost low or zero where possible, so that everyone can afford a roof over their heads.

Jobs. If we manage to make Singapore the hotbed of arbitration and cryptocurrency, it will proffer many jobs in different areas for a variety of people. But foreign talent is necessary to make this work, and we ask that citizens understand the need to have people who speak different languages and are familiar with laws in their native countries, working on this effort. And we aim to help everyone realise that citizens should be proud of taking on essential jobs, as long as these jobs pay well enough to provide a dignified living to those who put in the hard work, and it will be our duty to ensure that. Perhaps every person fresh out of school should start their career in an essential job so they can earn the respect of their peers and subordinates later in life. And perhaps shorter work weeks so more people can have jobs and everyone can spend more time with their loved ones or doing things they love. Perhaps a bidding system for wages based on credits as prescribed by employers? Could even apply this to any position or role…. 😉

Use of technology. We aim to use all available technology including but not limited to social media platforms so as to garner feedback, facilitate suggestions and perhaps even social policing… with technology so advanced, there is much we can do to harness it rather than reject it, including using it for schools and universities, using it to solve crimes, using it to shame irresponsible companies and people….

Ministerial salaries. These should be reviewed and relooked so that people serve with a heart and are not afraid to say and do what it takes to serve the best interest of the country, humanity and nature, even if it means standing up to the status quo.

Defence. And since we are purveyors of peace, we should walk the talk and cut our defence spending because our only defence is to ensure peace amongst the countries. After all, being a small country and having little natural resources, except our people, we depend on everyone else for survival. And even 10 jet fighters cannot protect a small country that could be destroyed with just one bomb. Why do we want a war that would cause more suffering anyways? Perhaps conscription into national service could be for every 18 year old, male or female, and to take on more meaning by way of essential jobs and civil assistance, instead of soldiers who will have nothing to do.

Sustainability. More research and investment will be poured into exploring new energy sources including research into solar panels on building facades and road surfaces, wind mills in our surrounding waters and seas, as well as electric vehicles and buses.

Funding all these. Instead of relying purely on taxes, why not use those taxes and our reserves to invest in home grown busineses, start ups, existing companies or even new technologies so that we can generate returns to to fund UBI for the masses. Not only will such investments generate jobs, it will also provide for a sustainable economy that does not use increasing taxes as a panacea. This is not about trading shares which is akin to gambling. This is about investing in companies where Singaporeans can add value to any aspect of the business so as to improve or grow the business from where it is today, as well as create meaningful jobs in the betterment of society.

We seek feedback and inputs from all corners of the world and from Singaporeans especially, on these policies and other ideas they think can bring Singapore forward. We want to work with you. And we want to test these ideas before launching them on a bigger scale.

Ps: Conscience is requested to use this in its complete form and not to tweak it to justify the current system. Walk the talk.