“Pure evil…”

Pure evil are the evil ones who have the power and chose to force or incentivise others to inflict suffering onto others. Evil are the evil ones who had the choice but chose to inflict suffering onto others for their personal gain. Stupidity are the stupid ones who were desperate and chose to inflict suffering […]

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“Jobs that matter.”

Why is it that the more important your job is, the lower you are paid? If everyone was a lawyer, banker, politician, trader, doctor…. would the world still be able to function? On the flip side, if everyone was a farmer, delivery driver, tailor, cleaner, cook, etc, wont we still thrive? These jobs are aplenty, […]

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“Interdependency is good.”

We are not an island. Everyone needs everyone. The world is a collective consciousness. Are we selfish by thinking we can be self sufficient? Whether country or person? Would that not lead to wars and fights and…. perhaps it’s time to shed the ego…. Even a colony of ants and a hive of bees are […]

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