“Fear vs Love”

Love your kids and they will do you good out of love. Force your kids and they may end up harming themselves and inadvertently harming you. Doesn’t the same apply for any other relationship? Whether it’s at the workplace, at home with your partner or friends? Everyone will do their utmost if they do it […]

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“How do we learn?”

Learning is not memorizing. Learning is practicing. The harder we try to learn the worse it is to do… but if we understand the principle behind it and start practicing it, that’s when we are learning… Perhaps schools and universities need a rethinking? And perhaps so do religious associations, corporates and other entities including ourselves…

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“Is stupidity forgivable?”

If you are stupid and you dont know, perhaps forgivable….. But if you are stupid and you do not want to ask or clarify or allow the right person to do the job… then that is unforgivable…. But if you are stupid and you think you are always right and do what you think is […]

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