The Case for a World Comittee

Feb 2019

Doesn’t the world need a diplomat of the world? With the recent trade wars, failed peace talks with North Korea, unhappy electorate, it appears that the world is making an effort towards living in peace and harmony.

But can one interested party make peace with another interested party? Or should a neutral party step in to bridge gaps?

In a recent spat between Singapore and Malaysia, a war could have been triggered. In brief, Malaysia parked a buoy laying vessel in Singapore waters and Singapore was displeased that they breached Singapore’s territorial zone.

1) why is it that land or nature belongs to any particular country? Why are boundaries important? Shouldn’t land and nature belong to everyone? Shouldn’t we work collaboratively to use such resources?

2) did the countries try to understand the deeper intent and meaning of the encroachment? Perhaps Malaysia was displeased with other matters and wanted to vent their frustrations. Did Singapore try to understand the situation better?

3) why is the solution to a simple political spat, a war? When war only causes more pain and suffering, but an encroachment breach causes nobody any harm?

Legislation and war are tools that serve politics. But is politics necessary? What happened to truth, honesty and diplomacy?

Maybe it is time for the countries to work together to trash out issues and help protect our earth. Maybe we need a world government. Maybe we need arbitrators for the world. Maybe we need a new world order for a utopian economy.

A Utopian Economy

The world will be governed by a world government where it’s main aim is to protect the people and the earth.

Where all governments gather to vote on issues affecting the world. The number of votes each government gets would be dependent on its electorate, not proportionately, but indirectly proportionate. For example, China and US with the world’s biggest economy could take 5 votes each, with the smaller countries taking 1 vote each.

Where they gather in a neutral host country that is owned by countries all over the world. Singapore is a good example where a lot of its assets and resources are owned by different countries. This ensures that the host country is neutral and that various countries have vested interest to ensure its protection. Furthermore, the host country should be a small country that poses no military threat or economic threat to any other country.

The host country should abide by principles to enable the gathering and voting by the world’s leaders. It shall not take sides or play politics, but instead, be guided by principles of justice, integrity and a heart for humanity.

Ideally, the host country should be home to citizens from all over the world, again ensuring that other countries have a vested interest and vice versa. Additionally, these foreign talents could also work for the world government to ensure neutrality, especially when they are able to speak in foreign tongues.

A central army controlled by the world government could ensure the peace in the world. No country in the world should hold or wield weapons or keep an army. However, I would like to take it one step further to say that a central army would not be necessary but rather, a special ops task force. After all, the people of a nation can do no wrong. It is usually a few bad apples that instigate wars and cause mayhem. With a special ops task force, we are able to take out the bad apples without endangering or hurting any of the innocent citizens and nature (plants and animals) who never wanted a war. And this special ops task force can only be activated upon a majority vote by the government’s of the world, with the world governments’ blessings.

The host nation should take it’s place to be arbitrator, diplomat and peace maker. Make no mistake, it is to pass no judgement on how negotiations go or what the outcome should be. Instead, it’s main aim is to bring parties together for negotiations, suggestions win win solutions and if things come to pass and a resolution is not found, the matter should be brought up to the world government, where every country will have their vote and their say in resolving the dispute.

All votes by countries must include a rationale. This will ensure that there is no vote buying or alliances that could be to the detriment of the intent of a world government. The public’s opinion could be sought too by way of a vote or even for ideas. There is vast potential in the greater community for ideas to solve the world’s problem. Tell them what you plan to do, give them options to decide for themselves and solicit more ideas, solutions or plug loopholes that could be used to solve the world’s or the country’s problems. With social media, we can now harness and tap the smarts and brain power of the greater community for out of the box solutions that the few people in power may never have thought of. If every plan for the world or the country is shared with the population, then wouldn’t we have more brains critiquing the ideas? Wouldnt we have more solutions to choose from? If and when problems arises, wouldn’t the populace be there on hand to provide more ideas? After all, they had their chance for inputs too and should not be blaming the governments for mistakes.

Such proceedings shall be televised live on every channel to all parts of the world so that all inhabitants will be able to make a personal judgement on the choices made by their government so as to ensure that they make the right decision in their vote for their own government.

The world government shall also administer a crypto currency meant for trade. It shall be the world’s trading currency and its exchange rate shall be pegged to exchange rates based on the price of a basket of goods within each country. The holy grail would be for this currency to replace all currencies across different countries, so we can only have 1 currency used across the world. Where all transactions are tracked and recorded by the block chain. The World Government should also manage the supply of money, ensuring that aid reaches the people who need it and countries, companies or individuals do not abuse the system.

Countries should work together to specialise in areas where they can add value to humanity and life on earth. For example, Australia and Africa could specialise in farming, providing food to the rest of the world. China and Vietnam could specialise in manufacturing. US and France could specialise in technology and data management. Buy at the same time, having different industries in smaller magnitudes where possible. Where at least 2 countries work on a same category and assist each other collaboratively rather than in Competition. Where an IP is developed in one country, the other countries could improve on the IP and earn royalties from their original IP. Competition would then focus on not to be cheaper, but to be better. Workers should be paid a fair wage and should not be squeezed. Thus pricing of goods should be based on the cost of all labour, capex and raw materials with a fixed margin for profit. And such books to be open for everyone’s inspection to justify pricing.

There shall be no more secrets and no more secret services for there just wont be a need to. The truth is all that is required because every government seeks to be relevant to everyone else and everyone is assured of justice and a just system. Where transparency will be the order of the day. News reporting and the media should be set up for such investigative purposes – investigative reporting. Where leaders, reporters and decision makers need not fear any reprieve or worry about their safety.

Journalism shall take the form of investigative journalism. Where journalists will report truths instead of opinions. Funding could be via the world committee, supported by protection personnel.

Essential data shall be held by the world government and relevant data made transparent for all to see. This could include population data, individual data, company accounts etc. If investigations need to be carried out for the purpose of arbitration, the world government shall do it’s part to uphold justice to ensure both parties agree to a settlement.

And perhaps IP protection should only go as far as ensuring that copycats improve on the current product and pay a fixed royalty based on percentage of price sold on the neww products they develop using the existing IP (Step Up IP). Only then can we see real improvements. Coz there cannot always be new innovations, and improving on current innovations would also constitute an innovation, nonetheless.

Utopian economy

Further more, we have a crisis on hand. Sustainability. The world needs to work together on this one. For one country cannot make a difference, it has to be a world effort to save our planet. No matter how advanced science is, we can understand nature, we can nurture nature, we may even be able to replicate nature in some ways, but we could never replace our entire earth in the same way our creator made earth. So what better time than now to ensure that we protect the very planet we live on and the very resources that we have for our survival.

Countries spend tons of resources for the best technology in warfare. But what they don’t realise is that these weapons could protect their country. But what’s the point of protecting a country if we do not have an earth to live on? The implications are real. And the resources we waste on trying to serve our political ends could have been better placed into understanding and protecting the very thing that gives us life. Earth. For without which, protecting a country is futile. What are we fighting For?

The time is now. And nations must band together to save ourselves and future generations from its eventual demise. And a world government is what the world needs to take serious action in putting our resources where it matters most.

Perhaps we could have a utopian economy….

How about a Manifesto that goes like this?

Politics is just that. Politics. A false facade.
We are not politicians, we are humanitarians.
Humanity is our goal.
The world is heading in the wrong direction with dogged capitalism.
It’s not just any country, but a systemic problem brought about by selfish capitalism.
Every organisation must remain relevant to the world at large as we are a beautiful world full of glorious nature albeit with intelligent beings and organisations who are largely self serving and opportunistic.
If we cannot address today’s concerns, how can we address the future?
The current givernments should embrace a new perspective, and the world committe is here to provide that alternative view into a paradigm shift of ideas, thoughts and values.
We believe in an inclusive society. Everyone from LGBTs, the disabled to children, homeless, those stuck in poverty and ageing adults are humans and are important for our society. They need to be treated with dignity and respect.
We believe that we are here not as politicians but as partners to humanity to provide a sincere service, with no egos, so as to solve problems for the long term. We hope we can advance ourselves and be relevant to the world at large.
We believe in dialogue, in the peoples voice. Because everyone of us are citizens of the world, we have a voice and we can make it heard through social media channels, through walkabouts, through informal and formal gatherings. Not because we want a populist vote, but because we believe everyone and anyone can make a difference. We want to be transparent so that your suggestions and vote counts. But we also want to make tough decisions for the good of all.
We believe everything must be guided by principles. There is the rule of the law, but ultimately decisions should be guided by principles, not laws, because principles are universal truths that are accepted across cultures. Laws are man made and serve a jurisdiction which may not be fair.
We believe in diplomacy. In being a bridge across cultures, geographies and differences in opinions. We hope to take that a step further and work with everyone to help bring peace as far as anyone would allow us to.
We believe in a purpose, with servitude from the heart. No false pretences and no false facades. We want to say it as it is, whether good or bad, and we endeavour to be the purveyors of truths, bearers of transparency.
We believe in collusion and not collision. By working together, we can only do better.