The Case for Happy World

Imagine a world where there are no borders, no weapons, no pain or suffering. A world where justice, integrity and truth rule. Where we work and live in peace, happiness and love.

Where the rich can be rich and those in poverty would be given a chance to rise above the ranks of poverty…..

Where the rich will not fear reprieve, for after all, everyone is given a fair chance and everyone would have the bare essentials for their own dignity and would be rewarded equitably for their hard work…

Where those in power need not fear reprisal or upheaval….

That could be possible. Consider the following:

1) Universal Basic Income for All

Everyone should have a universal basic income that covers food, housing and basic necessities, so that everyone can live in dignity because money is infinite after all.

With a UBI that already covers their basic needs, those who do not have a head start in life will have the opportunity to do what they love and love what they do, and in the process earn an additional wage on top of the universal basic income, if they want to afford the luxuries in life.

And whilst they are at it loving what they do and doing what they love, they will have the opportunity to be paid a decent wage and become shareholders of the company they work for, so that they can afford things over and above their basic needs.

Since most people even in the most remote areas of the globe has a mobile phone, why not a cryptocurrency that can transcend borders? One that could be easily stored on an e-wallet on the phone? A cryptocurrency would ensure ease of distribution and convenience for everyone….

After all, isnt money infinite?

2) Fair Wages

Every worker should be paid a fair wage on top of the universal basic income he receives, based on the quantity of hours and demand and supply of their role, as well as the results of their output. Make no mistake that results should be based on sales, but rather, their contribution to humanity and how they are improving the lives of others And the world.

So as to align the interest of both workers, investors and other stakeholders, workers should also be an equity partner in the company and be justly rewarded with the fruits of their labour.

Why should a lawyer or banker be paid any more than an essential worker like a farmer who produces food we cannot live without, as compared to a banker who simply understands the complexities of the man made lawsand administration to buy low and sell high?

3) Savings Tax

In order to generate the economy and create jobs, we should encourage spending and investing instead of savings. Because only if people spend are we creating more jobs and purpose for everyone. This would include those who provide the services and products as well as those consuming them.

For people should not be taxed on doing what they love, but be encouraged to also spend their money on what they love. For money is infinite and is only a means to make the world function in a ecosystem that is a cycle providing meaning and purpose in life.

4) Company Profit Margins

Companies should be allowed only fixed profit margins across all industries and across all companies. This should be considered after taking in opex and capex and the remaining fixed profit margins in terms of quantum or percentage, depending on the situation and industry. Taxes should also be on profits and not on revenue.

Books of companies should be open to all for examination, line by line by line. This would ensure transparency of data and for companies to justify their profits.

5) Step Up IP

Companies should be encouraged to develop new IP that would benefit the world at large and improve the lives of its inhabitants. These companies should be justly rewarded for their innovations and IP contributions.

Should a company use an existing IP and improve on the existing IP, they should pay a small quantum of IP rights to the original IP owner (Step Up IP). This should be fairly priced as a percentage of the overall pricing of the new product. If the product is not improved, the IP would be a bigger quantum of the overall sale price of the product.

Perhaps even a share swap could be considered so complementary and competing companies are encouraged to work together.

6) Inheritance

Current generations should only be allowed to pass on a home and company to the next generation. All other monies are to be placed into a trust fund for investing in companies in which their children can partake in.

This is to ensure that the rich do not hoard, but give ample allowance to the rest of the population to develop ideas that could improve the world for humanity. Decisions on how to invest such monies will be at the discretion of an independent body who will set up a board of independent directors to run this.

The rich and their kids’ needs are taken care of with a trust fund and the rest of the world are also happy to be given opportunities at doing what they love.

7) Single Currency

The holy grail is for a single currency across all countries so that transactions can be tracked by the block chain and perpetrators of nefarious activities are called out and brought to task. This would also ensure that there is no corruption or hoarding of money.

This will also ensure that currencies are not manipulated or traded for ups and downs that are akin to gambling.

Perhaps a cryptocurrency might work… with AI helping with administration and policing.

8) Arbitration

Should the companies fail to agree on win win solutions, they should bring the matter up to the world committee where arbitration services will be provided. The world committee should not be in a position to decide or make judgement, but provide the parties a chance to come to a win win situation.

Should that fail, the matter will be brought to the world, where countries can vote with a rationale to enable a decision to be reached. Public opinion could also be sought for ideas and solutions.

9) Help for those in Pain and Suffering

Since money is what makes the world go round and is infinite in nature. An independent body could control such funds with governments voting on how such funds can be utilised to help alleviate the worlds’ suffering.

In the process of doing so, more meaningful employment can be created.

“Happy to Help” foundation. A foundation that any citizen of the world can reach out to for genuine help. Or perhaps even to fund their ideas that could bring value to the world and its population.

10) Shorter Work Week

With AI being able to take over a hefty portion of work, it is expected that there will be less jobs. And if so, what about a shorter work week so that there will be more jobs.

So everyone will have a chance to contribute to the economy and have a share in the companies they work for.

With less time at work, people have more meaningful lives building relationships with their family, their friends and the community; and everyone could be happier individuals who will willingly contribute to the economy and society.

11) Ownership of Companies

All companies could give the world government a share of its companies so that they can be supported by the world government in arbitration and IP protection, amongst other incentives.

All companies could give an equivalent share percentage so that it would be equitable for everyone and every company.

The dividends earned could go to providing the universal basic income as well as providing help for those that are in pain and/or suffering or even to fund start up ideas that add value to the world and its inhabitants.

12) Data Transparency

All essential data could be stored with a neutral source so that the data cannot be manipulated and shall be made transparent for all to see.

No need for secrets or secret services.

13) Incubation Funds

A Happy to Help fund to help aspiring entrepreneurs and kind hearted souls. Where money is disbursed so that anyone and everyone can work on a cause that they love. Only to advance humanity or help those in pain and suffering.

Since money is infinite anyways, why not allow those with ideas to provide more value to humanity?

14) The Social Policemen

Why not let the community play their role in social policing? Vigilantes have access to cameras from their phone. Social shaming is probably the best way to weed out wrong doings. Coz those who have the means and the connections are way above the laws if they can afford to pay the fines and engage a lawyer or find ways to extricate themselves through their social networks. After all, public figures and politicians are subject to a torrent of scrutiny, so why shouldn’t everyone else be subject to scrutiny as well?

However, we should also be mindful of the circumstances which force people into doing what they did. Hence an investigation into the matter after the vigilante has done the job would ensure that justice is fair.

15) Ccivil Assistance Force

The only defence force we may require is that of disaster relief, essential services and humanitarian efforts. Perhaps everyone fresh out from school could be conscripted to serve in the “army” to provide civil assistance for a period of 2 years. This way, they can earn their “stripes” to move on to the corporate world and have the respect of their subordinates. And those jobs which the snooty ones do not think is worthy of them doing, will get done by the young who would have to earn their birth right and their place in this world.

16) A Committee for Humanity

Where everyone has a chance to vote, contribute and suggest ideas. And perhaps we should pay the population for their ideas and suggestions that are used. After all, the world’s population can be harnessed for the good of humanity.

The population can certainly provide what the world needs if we are only able to tap in to the billions of brains and resources that are available.

How about a platform where the governments of the world place their plans and ideas for the world to see and for the population to suggest, improve or vote. That kind of transparency and inclusiveness will ensure that we get the best brains everytime something needs to be done for the world.

And why not pay these people well for their thoughts and suggestions, work and ideas. After all, the few people at the top cant always have the best ideas can they?

Perhaps a world government might be the answer, where the people and not those in power, have a voice…


There are definitely more problems and solutions available than those that are touched on. We could start now and iterate as we move along. Importantly, ideas from the world should be sought and compromises made, so that the current rich can live harmoniously with the middle and lower class to ensure there is peace, happiness and love.

After all, if we all do what we love and love what we do and if we have love in our lives, perhaps greed and insecurity will fall by the way side?

The rich will still be rich. The poor will have help. The not so rich will still be that. But the rich need not fear reprisal from any segment of the community and will be proud of contributing back to humanity, whilst the poor need not fear poverty.

And perhaps with the rich making good use of their funds and yet protecting their future generations’ interest through a trust fund, they would never feel fear of reprisal from any one else, and perhaps they will find love and their greed will be curtailed?